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Basement Insulation

Basement Insulation Codes

Homeowners completing a basement finishing project should be aware of the regulations for basement wall insulation also referred to as basement wrap insulation (by manufacturers and insulation professionals). Whatever term you use, homeowners and building owners alike are adding insulation to foundation walls.  The most recent Kansas City Building and A concrete basement conducts cold well make sure you use basement insulation  as part  of your basement finishing project. We install batt basement insulation to the walls of many Kansas City homes. Tun to the professionals at Murray Insulation, 7603 Northwest River Park Drive, Parkville, MO-64151 for all your basement insulation needs.Rehabilitation Code which went into effect in October 1, 2012 states that all newly constructed homes must have basement insulation installed. The requirements for new basements, (finished basements were previously exempt) and ceiling insulation increased from R-38 to R-49. The better the R value the more money you save every month!

What are the Basement Insulation codes?

In Kansas City and Overland Park the R value for basement wall insulation must R 10/13 which means you must have an R-10 of continuous insulated sheathing on the interior or exterior of the home or R-13 cavity insulation at the interior of the basement wall. Check with your local building codes to see what R value you should have installed.

There are now codes for insulating a basement insulation in Kansas City and we know them. We can install basement insulation in an unfinished basement and make it look good even if you don't do a basement finishing project. Call the basement insulation professionals who service metro Kansas City,  Murray Insulation, 7603 Northwest River Park Drive, Park ville, MO-64151.Foundation walls below 4 feet in the ground are usually an average of 55 degrees. Cement foundation walls are excellent conductors for cold air. Basement insulation will save you money in energy costs. Heat rises and keeping your basement warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer keeps your energy costs down. Basement insulation will extend from the top of the wall to the bottom of the basement wall.

Basement Finishing needs insulation

Adding insulation to the walls of an unfinished basement will not only save you money, but the insulation, called Wrap, has a finished look to it. It includes a facing that acts as a vapor barrier and is fire resistant. It is done by stapling the insulation to the concrete walls top to bottom. If you choose not to finish the basement, you don’t need to. It looks great and won’t rip the way paper facing on fiberglass insulation might!

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