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Efficiency Rebates

Efficiency Rebates from KCP&L

The Energy Tax Credit for 2013 is long gone but there are still Tax Rebates available through KCP&L. This rebate is available to KCP&L customers toward the purchase of attic and ceiling insulation (incentives available up to R-49) and wall insulation (incentives available up to R-19) and floor insulation (incentives available up to R-19). There are conditions that apply so check the KCP&L website for all the details for this efficiency improvement. Incentives are available for both Kansas and Missouri. Lucky for you, we install insulation in Kansas and Missouri!

Rebates from Missouri Gas Energy

Missouri Gas Energy offers their own rebates. If you are a customer of both KCP&L and MGE you can take advantage of rebates from both! You could qualify for $1,200 in rebates!  MGE has an application and information for insulation rebates.

When is the last time you were in your attic and noticed the insulation?  This is the time to take a look. This is the time to add to your thinly applied insulation or upgrade the insulation that is there. This is the time to take advantage of the rebates that KCP&L and MGE have  for you. We are your local, woman owned and family operated insulation company in Kansas City!

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