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Spray Foam Insulation

The Benefits of  Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam insulation is made from chemicals mixed by professional contractors that are sprayed into walls between wood structures. Foam insulation saves energy and reduces the environmental impact that HVAC can have.

Spray Foam insulation has excellent coverage for use in attic insulation. Have it installed by Murray Insulation, 7603 Northwest River Park Drive, Kansas City, MO  64151.Spray Foam is offered in both closed and open cell based products. There are benefits to both. The open cell foam is less expensive than closed cell. Open cell foam appears more sponge like; it is lighter and easier to remove after it is applied. Closed cell foam insulation hardens completely in between the structures that it is sprayed into. It is difficult to remove once applied.  The convection properties of spray foam insulation are excellent compared to other types of insulation a homeowner or business can choose.

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Foam insulation is not a DIY project. There are health and safety issues involved when applying spray foam insulation. Although it may look easy to apply, it is not. If you are a week-end warrior and like a good DIY project, we suggest you choose the rolled fiberglass for this project. This project can be done safely with proper coverings and eye protection by any homeowner who wishes to tackle the project! In most cases, Murray Insulation can install it (and you can spend your week-end doing something you really like to do!) less expensively than you can do it yourself.

If you have to keep pushing the temperature up on your thermostat up just to keep your the temperature of your home comfortable, chances are you need attic insulation. Spray foam insulation is the most effective type of insulation to help control your energy bills while increasing the comfort of your home. According to the Department of Energy, up to 40% of your home’s energy loss is due to the air infiltration through the outside of your home.

We also offer a hybrid insulation technique that uses fiberglass and spray foam insulation. We call it “picture framing“. It is more cost effective and offers homeowners all the benefits of spray insulation at a much lower cost!

Spray foam insulation is not a DIY project, call the professionals at Murray Insulation, 7603 Northwest River Park Drive, Parkville, MO  64151 to do the job right in Kansas City!

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • Save you money! Lower heating and cooling bills. Buy yourself something nice with the money you save!
  • Creates a barrier between you and the outside of your home
  • Foam insulation is a technology that works
  • Foam insulation seals small gaps and cracks where it is applied!
  • Energy efficient all day long!

Take more of the costs out of adding spray foam insulation to your attic or basement by hiring the middle man the big box stores use- Murray Insulation! Spray Foam Insulation is a great alternative to traditional insulation and can fill those nooks and crannies better than fiberglass insulation. Feel the difference in your home and see the difference in your energy bills with professional spray foam insulation from Murray Insulation. You will love how comfortable your home is, not to mention the money you will save on your energy bills year round.

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