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Picture Framing Insulation

Picture Frame Insulation is the best of both worlds!

Murray Insulation is on the cutting edge when it comes to developing insulation techniques for insulation. Picture framing insulation is an application that Tom Murray himself developed for his customers. Picture framing insulation is  accomplished by first framing the wall cavity with spray foam, this is followed by foaming the rim joints, next a fabric is installed over the area to be insulated and finally the insulation is sprayed into small holes made in the fabric.

Foam and Spray Insulation Combination


This hybrid application is less than half the cost of spray foam because the entire wall cavity is not being filled with foam but a spray foam base of one inch is laid down first followed by the fiberglass spray insulation. This application installation ensures a very high R-Value with no gaps or voids.

Murray Insulation has been in the insulating business for more than 25 years and this insulation application results in the best cost savings and energy efficiency available on the insulation market today.

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