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What is R Value?

What is R Value?

R value is a uniform system of rating an application method of differing types of materials. The type of insulation you choose (foam, rolled fiberglass or spray fiberglass or cellulose paper) all use an R value to identify the insulation value of the material of choice.

Materials are presented based of the R value specification of the homeowner or building owner.

How much Insulation do you need?

According to the Energy Star recommended guidelines from the U.S Government;  Kansas City  homes, which are in Zone 4, should have at least 18″ inches of R49  insulation on the floor of the attic. These guidelines are for existing wood-framed homes. If your home does not have the recommended insulation amounts, we can add or retrofit the desired amount into your attic bringing you up to Energy Star guidelines.

Batt Insulation is the most commonly used form of insulation.The Kansas City Building and Rehabilitation 2013 codes are also R49 for an attic. When buying or selling a home, make sure that your attic insulation is up to code. The benefit of having your attic insulation up to code is always cost savings in monthly utility bills and a more comfortable environment for the people in the home.  If your home was never insulated properly,and you know that you are losing money (due to costly energy bills), call us and we’ll make sure you have the right R value.

Murray Insulation can install insulation in a new or existing home that is up to code and has the proper R Value for your home! Increasing the R Value of your basement or attic can save you money on your heating and cooling bills. An R Vaue has more value than you think it does!

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